The Centre of Formation Spiritual Águas de Aruanda in Aracaju capital os state of Sergipe have as your objective to contribute with the expansion of consciousnessies humans for the midale of teaching spirituals/esoteric and practice cultural and social that foment the sedimentation of value sócio-environmental and the construction of a society more humanistic based on a fraternity culture, respect and peace



Texts of spirituality message channel by mentors of our centre spiritual. Met more about our lines of study






Florais de Lara


The Centre of Formation Spiritual Águas de Aruanda to be committed to realize social projects that will help the society on the several approaches. Met and to take part that stream of good

Projeto Francisco de Assis

Help the NGOs that takes and caring for animals on the street in Aracaju - Sergipe - Brazil. The first ONG take our help be ASPA - Association Sergipana of Animal Protection (Associação Sergipana de Proteção Animal). We take medicines, old newspapers and food for animals haw rations, sacks of corn, sacks of Bran and Purine, meat, like sunflower, birdseed. Beyond of creation register of volunteer veterinarians, organisation crowd to neuter and fund raising to turn better physical structures of NGOs help it.

This project to go with families, children, teens, adults and old people for the meddle per week on carre's of house to make register on the families where more to need and see care of in the future to take off basics foods, clothes, diapers, hygiene products etc. the families care of live in needy neighbourhood in the city Aracaju. The bigger part of families do not have work, when we see a active professional occupation is informal and low money and many health problems.

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Projeto Alimentando Esperança
Projeto Horto da Serra

This project is a idea of the Centre of Formation Spiritual Águas de Aruanda and will be to develop in Serra Redonda, village of Frei Paulo - state of Sergipe. Where we will make health foods and sustainable, free toxic waste, following the principles of agroecology. That form we are respect the nature the project Horto da Serra will allow the integral and active participation of local community at a system of community garden. Beyond of to benefit the local community the production will also meet demand for food the another projects developed for Centre of Formation Spiritual Águas de Aruanda and your partners.





Av. João José de Santana, 1216 - Robalo, Aracaju - SE, 49005-050, Brazil

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